Commercial sOLAR

Green IOT Commercial Solar System is the simplest way to make sure that you're going to save money on your electricity bill. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and our vision meaning residential and commercial customers pay zero upfront cost, but get all the benefits of a customized solar system.

HOW Green IOT System Works

HOW Green IOT System Benifits

IF Green IOT System Fails

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Up to 50% off your energy rate

We'll save you up to 50%
off your energy rate.
Isn't it time you stopped paying too much for energy?

Ray of Light

A Free Green IOT Solar System

We finance, install, and manage a Green IOT Solar System designed specifically for you.
Nil Capital.
Nil Administration.
We take care of everything.

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Be Green and Earn from Day One

We'll provide renewable energy directly to your premises, generated on your rooftop. Add this to your marketing materials to demonstrate your positive impact.



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