The Green IOT Installation

Power Purchase Agreement Process- PPA
Residential Solar

solar assessment

Not sure if PV Solar is for you?

Our SUN and consultants can help 

propose solutions

After site visit or consultation call, we will design the 'right' solar system for you

paperwork & schedule installment

Once you are  satisfied with your PV system, we start the process and paperwork with a small deposit or finance

install & commission

The BIG day! Panels, inverters, or batteries installed, commissioned and tested. Remaining balance paid

savings & servicing

Enjoy free energy and savings for years to come!

Service warranty and cleaning

Residential Solar with $0 upfront Finance plan

Solar system installed at $0 cost - Finance plan

Check client credit history and energy bill

Green IOT agree with client on PPA terms and conditions

Grid approval and notify client installation - target date

Green IOT install system and leave system OFF.

We contact current Energy provider to install Smart Meter

Current Energy provider installs Smart Meter

Client to switch ON Solar system

Start saving and


Finance repayment

Optional Solar system transfer after Finance term