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Internet of Things 

Responding to physical context with digital intelligence to unlock exponential value.

Clean Power Generation

Green IOT's SaaS solution that combines AI, ML, internet of things and digital twin technologies into a pre-built industrial analytics platform to help enterprises enhance their power plant's reliability, flexibility and cost efficiency while complying to the tightening emission norm.

Predictive Maintenance & CBM

We are enabling IoT applications in specified environments, organizations can significantly optimize costs and other metrics involved in running those premises.

Intelligent Asset  Monitoring

Solutions focused on providing real-time actionable insights for assets on the move, and helping organization reimagine supply chains.

Powered by an IoT and AI-ML engine, the suite provides contextual and situational insights on fleet and supply chain operations by analyzing real-time data from the heterogeneous ecosystem.

Green IOT enable enterprises to smoothen its business/ industrial operational flow, minimize wastage, total cost of ownership, and make its operations lean.

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